Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's great to get feedback on this blog, whether privately or publicly. This week I heard about someone who was able to use the technique of targeting a place in the paddock in order to more safely get her other horses out of the paddock. I also heard from someone who read my blog about being stumped when presented with Ande's butt in the doorway that I couldn't get past- she suggested that I train him to back up from the cue of tugging on his tail. That is something that many people use to cue their horses to back off a trailer and is definitely something I should teach!

This morning I had Stowaway and Ande target their jug while I picked out the run-in shed. I had done a thorough cleaning this morning so it only took a couple minutes but it was another distraction that they usually like to come "help" with so it took self-control for them to stand outside instead. After that, I began working with the fence a bit and that was too much for Ande- he really likes helping with fencing! So as soon as he left the jug, I left the paddock. I wanted to be sure he got no reinforcement for leaving his spot. In this case, being able to watch and help me could have been more reinforcing than treats so I took
that away. I was very clearly going to leave the area but when I came out of the shed having put the tools away, he was back at the jug- once again I'd forgotten to take it down! So I had to give him credit for going back there and he got some hay stretcher pellets (after a click) as I took the jug down.
Here's a photo of Ande on another "patience" exercise from earlier this summer- standing on his mat.

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