Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dental Video

I finally got some video of what Percy has achieved toward comfort with having his mouth and teeth played with. My videos are never high quality but hopefully you can see the important stuff. A couple things to note: important to wait for chewing to be done before you ask him to open his mouth again; try not to tickle the corners of his mouth or he likes to lip at me; and stuffing a glove under an arm makes maneuvering more difficult (but putting them aside means he retrieves them for me!)


Mary @ StaleCheerios said...

This is looking great, Jane!

I love how nicely he opens his mouth--nice and wide and immediately when you ask.


Achieve1dream said...

He's so smart! Thanks for sharing!

Bookends Farm said...

Thanks guys- he's a hoot!

Lottie Eriksson said...

Nice job, Jane! I love hearing all that laughter, it sets such a nice atmosphere for a training session.

Bookends Farm said...

He does make me laugh Lottie.
Another reader pointed out that I do need to be careful about the extra stuff in there. I attribute his mouthing to age and poor cueing on my part but she is absolutely right that I need to be very very careful not to let any of that sneak into clicked behaviors.