Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It doesn't matter if they are human or equine, the similarities are uncanny. The 3 yr old has times when he just tunes me out and wants to go play his own games and it doesn't seem like I can do anything to please him. The 2 yr old doesn't mind her bath now but she wants to do it By Herself. She wants me to stand there and tell her how brilliant she is but she'd rather wave the sponge and scraper around on her own and if I get a little too pushy with the cleaning bit (isn't that the POINT of a bath?) she jumps out of the tub and runs around the bathroom until I hand the sponge back to her. And she drinks the bath water. The one year old wants to be the center of attention and/or be where everybody else is. If he's inside, he wants to be outside, if he's outside, he wants to be inside. When I'm playing with the 3 year old he hangs over the fence and calls for my attention. When I'm giving the 2 year old a bath, he's swinging on the bathroom door and banging things around so I'll pay attention to him.

And yes, then the phone rings. Expecting an important call, I extract the phone from my pocket with a soggy hand covered in hay stretcher pellet crumbs. The first call is my husband who understands my predicament. The second call is the Important one and I have to juggle sponge (which I have taken away from the 2 yr old as she was winging water at me with it) and phone while fending off the toddlers who are leaning on the chain across the door, trying to bust through to get at me and all that fun stuff.

By the time I'm done with all 3 of them, I need a tall glass of iced tea and hammock. At least I can do the first.

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Unknown said...

This is awesome! Maybe you need to read them that book about the Momma Elephant in the tub?